Plasma Beauty Mole Removal Machine

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Beauty Health has gradually been acknowledged as one of the leading China plasma beauty mole removal machine manufacturers and suppliers. We employed qualified and experienced workers working for our factory. Thinking of your request, customized service is available. Come and wholesale our bulk plasma beauty mole removal machine in stock.

Plasma Beauty Mole Removal Machine

Plasma Beauty Mole Removal Machine K29 spray flame is completely different from ordinary flame:

It's on the carbide remove bad spots, microvascular rapid solidification can be made not bleeding; 

Has strong sterilization effect, can clean stain bacteria never relapse, 

but not damage the surrounding skin dermal tissue; 

Also make the skin to produce oil film, forming carbon scabs automatically protect the wound from infection, 

prompting wound healing fast, the day can be in contact with water 

(do not use lotions and soaps and other chemicals), 

a week or so carbon scabs fall off naturally, leaving no scars.





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Plasma Beauty Mole Removal Machine K29 Significant Advantage :

1.Removal all kinds of mole.plasma with a strong coagulation for eliminate nevi, flat warts, wart, syringoma, corns, 

and other skin neoplasm, significantly better than laser, plasma, frozen, drug corrosion treatment.

2.Can do the eyelid surgery and lifting without surgery in the natural health practice in best treatment effect.

3.CE certificate.(EMC+LVD)

4.Medical CE certificate.(Class 2)

5.RoHS certificate.

6.OEM order accept.Customized your own logo development market.

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EPlasma Beauty Mole Removal Machine K29 video

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Plasma Beauty Mole Removal Machine K29,Your Best Choose,Factory Directly Offer.

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