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Liquid Plasma Pen Plexr K29 Operation Video

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Liquid Plasma Pen Plexr K29 for skin vegetations, 

pigmented nevus, flat wart, wart, adipose bead, eradicate hemangioma, no recurrence! 

No bleeding! On the effect of the red blood silk on more obvious!!





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Liquid Plasma Pen Plexr K29 Treatment Of Outstanding Advantage


Liquid Plasma Pen Plexr K29 use the real movement in Germany! 

Don’t worry to use.


"German maglev dot mole spot pen" this pen adopts the Germany imported ultra-fine needles, 

30 G spot beyond the point of mole on the market at present, the pen use of ultra-fine needles 

more accurately to the target tissue. Skin wound is only 0.06 mm.


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Liquid Plasma Pen Plexr K29 Use Methods And Techniques


Button to the left as shown in figure product is low energy, usually for a lighter color of skin pigment mole.


Button to the right is a high-energy shift for dark spots or moles.

Pls open the power switch start operate, press the power button to launch, Indicator lights can be start, 

needle close to the skin of about one millimeter will automatically release energy.

Liquid Plasma Pen Plexr K29 With CE Mark And CE Certificate.QQ截图20170303152955.jpg


Liquid Plasma Pen Plexr K29 With CE Mark And CE Certificate.

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