Eyelid Wrinkles Removal With Plasma Lift Medical Device

Unique device for professional beauty salons. Removes minor aesthetic imperfections.

Product Details

Product Introduction

This plasma pen eye lift is a therapeutic high-tech skin care and beauty tool. It's often used to remove skin vegetations,like bad spots and moles. Plasma pen eye lift is safe to use. There will be no lesions caused by bleeding and medical risk as while removing,the carbon knot scabs will protect the wound. Generally speaking,after treatment,there will be no scar left.



Working Principle:

This plasma pen eye lift uses the principle of plasma heat effect to remove nevus. When the pen tip contacts with the skin,it will generate high temperature plasma,which will carbonize the moles on the skin and achieve the effect of thorough removal.


Product Advantages:

Plasma pen eye lift can be used to remove all kinds of mole and other skin neoplasm with a strong coagulation. Compared other treatments,it's much safer. As a professional manufacturer,we have a wide range of products for different purposes. We can supply you with a large quantity and at a competitive price. We offer customized logo. The MOQ is very low. You can rest assure that our products are of high quality and you will get our best after-sales service! 


Treatment Before and After

plasma pen.jpg

Spot removal beauty pen.jpg

removal the wrinkles before and after.jpg

About the Needle

We adopt the Germany imported ultra-fine needles. The skin wound caused by this product would be only 0.06 mm.




Comparison of old version and new version



As a professional beauty machine supplier,our plasma pen are exported to all over the world.

We are recruiting distributors around the world to develop more potential large markets.

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