Eyelid Lifting Plasma Pen Mole Removal

portable laser skin mole removal machine

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Beauty Health has gradually been acknowledged as one of the leading China eyelid lifting plasma pen mole removal manufacturers and suppliers. We employed qualified and experienced workers working for our factory. Thinking of your request, customized service is available. Come and wholesale our bulk eyelid lifting plasma pen mole removal in stock.

Eyelid Lifting Plasma Pen Mole Removal

Eyelid Lifting Plasma Pen Medicine Showed

Plasma with a strong coagulation for eliminate nevi, flat warts, wart, syringoma,

corns, and other skin neoplasm, significantly better than laser, plasma, frozen, drug corrosion treatment.





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Eyelid Lifting Plasma Pen K29 Significant Advantage :

1.Removal all kinds of mole.plasma with a strong coagulation for eliminate nevi, flat warts, wart, syringoma, corns, 

and other skin neoplasm, significantly better than laser, plasma, frozen, drug corrosion treatment.

2.Can do the eyelid surgery and lifting without surgery in the natural health practice in best treatment effect.

3.CE certificate.(EMC+LVD)

4.Medical CE certificate.(Class 2)

5.RoHS certificate.

6.OEM order accept.Customized your own logo development market.

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Eyelid Lifting Plasma Pen K29 Use The Real Movement In Germany! don’t worry to use.


"Plasma plexrpen k29 " this pen adopts the Germany imported ultra-fine needles, 

30 G spot beyond the point of mole on the market at present, the pen use of ultra-fine needles 

more accurately to the target tissue. Skin wound is only 0.06 mm.

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Eyelid Lifting Plasma Pen K29 video

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Eyelid Lifting Plasma Pen K29 Environmental Requirements And Working Conditions

Ambient temperature: 0~40

Relative humidity: 45% ~ 77% ((no condensation)

The atmospheric pressure: 70kPa~106kPa

Applicable power: AC220V±22V 50Hz±1Hz

Single frequency: 1.1MHz±0.3MHz

The maximum output power: not less than 10W(peak value)

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Plasma Pen Old and New Version Compare