beier ND yag picosecond laser device

Picosecond Laser Device help to removal freckles, age spots, brown mole, coffee spots,tattoo, eyebrow, eyeliner, lip line etc.

Product Details

What is a laser?

LASER is the abbreviation of Light Amplification by the Stimulated Emission of Radiation, 

which is "excited emission and amplified light." Therefore, laser is both a treatment and 

an enlarged physical process. In the laser beam, all photons are related to each other, 

and their frequencies (or wavelengths) are consistent, the phases are consistent, 

the polarization directions are the same, and the propagation directions are the same.

laser device

Background and aims

The selective removal of tattoos and benign cutaneous pigmented lesions with laser 

energy evolved rapidly with the development of the nanosecond-domain 

Q-switched laser (ns-laser). 

Recently, however, a series of picosecond-domain lasers (ps-lasers) with pulsewidths

less than 1 ns has become commercially available, enabling more efficient and 

faster removal of pigmented lesions in the field of dermatologic laser surgery.


Picosecond laser device treatment principle 

Laser pigment removal is using the instant energy from the laser and when the laser is 

working on the pigment and the pigment will be exploded at a really short notice. 

After that some pigmetn will be broken down into smaller pieces and eliminated 

by the human body. Some of it will be devoured by the macrophage  

and is eliminated by the lymphatic system. 


Technical parameters of picosecond laser device

Laser typeQ-Switched ND YAG Laser
Laser output wave length1064(C)nm/532nm/755nm/
Laser power
Frequency1~10 Hz
Energy0.1~0.6 J/cm²
Spot size8mm
Laser LampUK-imported lamp
Screen4.3 inch Touched Screen
SystemAutomatic Testing System (800w)
Laser Cooling conditionWind + water

pico laser

Picosecond laser device advantage:

1. Innovative designed treatment head: Adopting high technology of picosecond laser honeycomb head to make a fraction array lens treatment tip, it can emit a hexagonal array spots each shot, giving fast treatment to full face.

2. Ceramic cavity reflector: Portable pico laser machine’s handle use high quality ceramic cavity reflector, effectively protect handle from burning, reduce failure rate, increase life time.

3. 1.500.000 Valid shots: Using UK-imported laser lamp with large valid shots, longer working time and more treated customers, small investment but high return

4. Cost-effective: The size of portable pico laser machine is much smaller than normal picosecond laser tattoo removal machine, so it can be moved lightly as well as save a large amount of shipping price.

5. Imported high quality spare parts: Japan imported fan, Taiwan imported water pump and automobile Red Copper Radiator are assembled into a powerful cooling system allow the machine to work long time continuously.

6. Self-test system: Sound self-test system has installed in portable pico laser machine, it can tell the machine’s problem intelligently, so you can solve the problem more easily.

treatment head

Picosecond laser device function

Endogenous pigments: freckles, age spots, brown mole, coffee spots (fetal marks), etc.;

Exogenous pigment: remove tattoo, eyebrow, eyeliner, lip line;

Honeycomb head: whitening, rejuvenating, diminishing fine lines, dilute chloasma, 

Black face doll(soft skin laser)


Picosecond laser device clinical status No.1

Frost white: red, swollen, hot, painful, and micro-bleeding after surgery is a normal skin reaction. Immediately after surgery, it can be cold-applied or use medical aseptic repair products;

Operating : The treatment head is 1-2cm away from the skin, and the blasting sound is obvious. 

From near to far operation, if the frostiness is not reached, the energy and distance can be properly adjusted; the higher the distance, the stronger the blasting force, and the best blasting point is 4-5cm. 

Left and right, if the skin does not respond to the best blasting point, increase the energy operation .


Picosecond laser device clinical status No.2

Reddish skin:Red,swollen, hot, painful, normal skin reactions after surgery, 

cold compress immediately after surgery or use of medical aseptic repair products ;

Operating :The treatment head is 1~1.5cm away from the skin, the blasting sound is obvious, 

and the operation is low-energy. If the state is not reached, the energy and distance can be properly adjusted.


Picosecond laser device before and after


Picosecond laser device preoperative contraindications

Picosecond laser device packing list

Main machine X1 pcs

Treatment handle X1 pcs

Treatment head X4 pcs
Wireless pedal X1pcs

Pedal connect line X1pcs

Manual X1

Glasses X2

Watering funnelX1

Power lineX1