Nano Steam Gun K42

Anion nano-made gas steam: 22ml / min

Product Details

 This product is designed by our company's patented dynamic pressurized nano-steam 

generation device to form the principle of atmospheric steam generation. 3.3 

The superheated liquid water is vaporized into a single water molecule, 

the water molecule is about 0 .. The diameter is 26nm, with evaporation 

energy Latent heat and ultra-negative ions can pass between the flow of hair scales 

around 1nm. The latent heat released when entering the fur layer can promote the 

chemistry of the hair or hair dye, shorten the operation time, and supplement the hair moisture, 

anions and moisturizing and crying deodorization After dyeing hot alkali.



Product Name:
Ion spray device
Product Size:
Rated power;
Rated voltage:
Water bottle capacity:
260 ml Power cord length: 3 meters
Anion nano-made gas steam:
22ml / min


Insert the power cord plug, the rated socket in the room, press the conductive red to start to 

reverse, wait for the machine to warm up for about 40 seconds, when the green light is on, 

the spray gun can start to spray anionic nano vapor.

The device design patent device for adjusting the anion of the knob, adjusts the water molecules 

of the steam anion nanometer particle size, the water molecules with larger clockwise particles 

(the fog is too large), and the water particles with smaller counterclockwise (a small amount of fog), normal use , It is recommended to adjust to the blue mist state .

Pure water container, please use distilled water ..

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