2021 Home Use MTS Collagen Gun

2021 New Nano microneedle therapy system match different skin care products to solve different skin problems

Product Details

2021 Home Use MTS Collagen Gun

Most people’s problems now:

Pay attention to your skin problems

Most skin problems stem from life

Stay up late

lack of sleep

Air dry

How to solve this ?

MTS Collagen Gun

 Painless and non-invasive           

Restore youthfulness

Promote moisturizing and supple skin


Lifting and firming

 Shrink pores

MTS Collagen Gun/Nano microneedle therapy system Efficacy

Match different skin care products to solve different skin problems Multi-purpose, better effect

Open up the stratum corneum of the skin for effective absorption.

Moisturizing Acne marks

Shrink pores

Delicate and smooth

Anti-aging and firming


Nano microneedle therapy system uses natural methods to stimulate collagen regeneration 

without destroying the epidermal layer of the skin and awakening the skin's regeneration function


Tungsten Gold Superconducting Technology

Instantly open the skin, the radio frequency can reach the dermis , accelerate cell metabolism, 

brighten, tighten and remove wrinkles


Using 6MHZ radio frequency combined with tungsten gold superconducting technology to 

instantly open the skin channel, the radio frequency energy is superimposed on the dermis layer to 

activate the skin cell metabolism, so as to achieve the effect of brightening, 

lifting and firming the skin.


Only 3 times use, collagen increase by about 27%.

Ordinary skin care products can only penetrate the skin surface, and it is difficult to reach the dermis

General effect

Microneedles can create a large number of tiny channels, allowing active ingredients to penetrate into the skin effectively, and promote skin collagen regeneration


One-time use, increased flexibility

Continuous use, skin tightening

Continuous use, collagen regeneration

Continuous use , wrinkles remove



Post-operation care items

1. After the operation, the face appears slightly red, which is a normal phenomenon; do not touch the skin with your hands, you can use a repair mask

Set (the mask can be refrigerated in advance);

2. Do not touch the water within 6 hours after the operation, and apply the product (repair, hydration, freeze-dried powder, and no cream


3. Do not apply makeup or sunscreen chemical products within 24 hours of operation, and avoid direct sunlight exposure;

4. Manual massage is not allowed within 3 days of operation, and radio frequency equipment is not allowed within 5 days;

5. The time interval for the second operation is one week (the treatment course is generally set to 7 times a course);

6. It is the peak period of nutrient absorption within 15 days after the operation. 

Facial mask needs to be applied every day, preferably in the morning and evening for the first 7 days.

Operation taboos

1. It is forbidden for pregnant women, those with heart or arrhythmia, especially those with a pacemaker;

2. It is forbidden for cancer patients, major surgery patients, and diabetes patients;

3. It is forbidden for people with epilepsy and severe hypertension;

4. People who are allergic and severe facial acne will not do it temporarily, and those who have facial surgery are prohibited from doing it;

5. If there is a wound on the skin, avoid the wound or do nothing;

6. If there is any metal in the body, or with gold wire implanted on the face, do it with caution;

7. Those who have undergone cosmetic surgery for less than half a year are not allowed to do it if there are artificial fillers in the body;

8. The injection filling can be absorbed for three months after operation, and it can not be absorbed and lightly worn or avoided inoperative.

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