Multi-function RF LED Photon TDA Crystalline Meso Injector

Multi-function RF LED photon TDA Crystalline Meso Injector

Product Details

Multi-function RF LED photon TDA Crystalline Meso Injector

"No needle vital injector" project in each market is very hot project, however RF LED photon TDA Crystalline Meso Injector perfect combination of RF and microcrystalline.Treatment effect is better, at the same time of skin complement moisture using RF lift firming skin, give you multiple skin experience;Improve skin quality, shrink pore, enhance skin metabolism.Remove toxins, against freckles, black rim of the eye, acne has a good curative effect.


Working principle:

LED needless injector using 4 trillion dual-core radio frequency technology. RF nano crystalline needle could be removed from main machine and it is completely Insulation.

Combing with RF setting beside cartridge could support stable energy output and avoid uncomfortable feeling during treatment.

Working with nano crystallilne once touch skin produce temperature range 40 – 60 ℃ could adjust tighten ability, to promoting collagen rejuvenation and skin tighten.

That’s nanocrystalline injector + RF + LED photon 3 in 1 function machine.

Unique needle sensor technique

Machine body with sensor touch system, before using only use needle touch the sensor part 

allow to enter home page. After touch the needle with 5 hours limited. 

Over 5 hours the needle and machine not work again. This technique could avoid lot of 

fake machine and needle in the market.

LED light:

Red light: pores refining

Blue light: acne and oily skin treatment

Green light: anti swell and cam down skin

Nano needless injection

Deliver liquid beauty nutriment such as hyaluronic acid, for skin moistening and wrinkle remove.



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