Facial Vacuum Mesotherapy Injection Gun For Wrinkle Removal Vital Injector Beauty Equipment

More safe compare of the vital injector with needle one.do not need buy consumables.one year warranty!

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Beauty Health has gradually been acknowledged as one of the leading China facial vacuum mesotherapy injection gun for wrinkle removal vital injector beauty equipment manufacturers and suppliers. We employed qualified and experienced workers working for our factory. Thinking of your request, customized service is available. Come and wholesale our bulk facial vacuum mesotherapy injection gun for wrinkle removal vital injector beauty equipment in stock.

Facial Vacuum Mesotherapy Injection Gun For Wrinkle Removal Vital Injector Beauty Equipment

Vacuum water mesotherapy gun six major advantages:


1.High vacuum spray into deeper skin in a monment.

2.Skin care products pulverization before contact skin.

3.Uniformity treatment for all skin location.

4.Without any comsumables, save long time cost

5.Without steps after treatment, can accept treatment regularly.

6.Noninvasive treatment without needle insert.

High Pressure Noninvasive Vital Injector technology working principle

By high-pressure jet patent technology, the speed of 450 meters per second and high pressure, 

will all kinds of nutrients to noninvasive class injection into the skin of the dermis, 

noninvasive through skin filling water, repair damaged skin barrier function, the root cause, 

to solve the problem of the skin to enhance skin's own resistance, let skin overall health.


High Pressure Noninvasive Vital Injector nursing theory


First,450 m/s supersonic speed, combined the technology of ultrasonic frequency,

tailored course of treatment.

Combined with unique the TDA no needle transdermal technology to nutrition to the skin cells of 450 m/s,

the world's fastest) injection, collocation of hyaluronic acid, collagen, botox, 

PRP from somatic cells and other diversified products tailor different treatment, 

step by step a release to the skin nutrition, 

hydrating, ascending, whiten skin, improve wrinkles and damaged skin and multiple effect.


Second,three kinds of hyaluronic acid, moisturizing, lock water, water storage at the same time.

Hyaluronic acid: nourishing cuticle, repel dry;Double hyaluronic acid: 

twice as many as lock moisture to the skin, hydration;Nano hyaluronic acid: 

deep penetration ocean water storage capacity, water embellish maintain each cell.


Third,High-end injection products, awakening the cell vitality not only have three kinds of hyaluronic acid, 

collagen, botox is more, such as high-end injection products, to awaken the cell regeneration function, 

reproduced in repairing the rupture of withered skin cells,

in a short period of time reshape firming smooth elastic skin.


High Pressure Noninvasive Vital Injector advantage:

1, Safety: noninvasive type import, risk-free, postoperative recovery;

2, Osmosis: space gas liquid infiltration technology patent nutrients can be directly to skin dermis.

3, Absorption: nanoscale nutrients can be absorbed by skin cells better use;

4, Joint: all kinds of beauty, can be used in preoperative preparation, 

intraoperative care and ostoperative nursing, nursing may create infinite.


The injection nursing efficacy

Moisturizing hydratingNoninvasive injection device is added high-end cosmetic products to deep skin and so hydrating effect is very good, and lasting moisturizing effect, make skin lasting water embellish burnish.
Improve skin color and lustreNoninvasive injection apparatus can stimulate metabolism, make skin instantly discharge of melanin in the human body, improve dark and dry skin, brighten the skin tone, make skin white and light.
Contractive poreNoninvasive injection apparatus can stimulate accelerate skin metabolism, help shrink cells the effect of pores, make skin more compact and smooth.
Remove wrinklesNoninvasive injection apparatus anti-wrinkle effect is very good, can will sag droopy skin filling up and stretches the facial appearance of fine lines and crow 's-feet, sichuan and word lines, firming skin.
1 noninvasive jet = 1000 times do mask careAfter nursing can make the skin full compaction, from the bottom of the skin continuously release moisturizing factor, to supply the skin with moisture, keep jade-like stone embellish is bright and freeze skin young state, lets you have as a baby's smooth porcelain muscle after nursing.


Machine offer details operation video and guidance. One year warranty, we charge for quality problem within one month.



Packing size:49x36x41CM.


Base(Option) Packing Size:99*54*68CM


Technique reference

 Depth: 0.2MM-3.0MM can be adjusted

 Speed :  0.3S-2.0S

 Model: Intermittent and Continuous

 Power: 500W

 Dosage: 1μl -24μl can be adjusted

 Injection Syringe Capacity: 2.5ml  ( 2500μl )




Facial Vacuum Mesotherapy Injection Gun For Wrinkle Removal Vital Injector Beauty Equipment Video

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Non-invasive Mesotherapy packing in good protect space aluminum box.

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