Skin Tightening RF Thermage

Ibeier skin tightening RF thermage machine use 40.68MHz golden frequency technology.

Product Details

Ibeier skin tightening RF thermage machine use 40.68MHz golden frequency 

technology to delivers high energy heat into deep skin layer thus stimulating the regeneration of collagen. 

To achieve good and lasting treatment result for treating wrinkle and loose skin on face, 

body and around the eyes.High comfort, even effect, no tingling.

rf machine lifting

Advantages of Ibeier RF thermage machine 

Safe treatment

No-invasive and no bleeding

thermage face lift machine is non-invasive, non-surgical, no injections or no cutting. 

Disposable tip (One tip only for one person)

Besides, one thermage tip is designed only for one person, ensure the much safer treatment for every single customer.

500 shots. 

rf lifting

rf lifting machinerf face lifting machine

Thermage treatment tips are in two sizes

The big size is mainly used for face and body treatment like neck and face lifting, skin tightening and nasolabial folds improvement etc. 

The small size is used to improve skin problem around the eyes. Such as soften fine line and lighten dark circles.

thermage rf machinethermage

Long lasting result up to 3 years

Unlike normal radio frequency, Ibeier rf thermage machine transfers 40.68Mhz medical used golden high frequency into deep skin layer which could keep long lasting effect on skin. So that normally after first treatment, the results improve over time and can last 2-3 years for most patients. 

rf skin tightening machine

Machine Functions

It is mainly used for sagging, excessive wrinkles, rough skin aging, reshaping facial curve, and effectively improving the relaxation and sagging of the eye area and neck tissue.

1. Facial anti-aging wrinkles: deep wrinkles, wrinkles, forehead lines, nasolabial folds, lip wrinkles, brow wrinkles, firm neck skin, elimination of double chin, face-lifting;

2. Eye wrinkle removal: eye pattern, eye crow's feet, eye bags, tightening the skin around the eyes;

3. Body anti-aging: back tightening, chest adjustment, waist and abdomen shaping, hip shaping, leg shaping, removing butterfly sleeves, repairing mild stretch marks.

thermage machinerf thermage

Technical parameters of Ibeier skin tightening RF thermage machine

Machine type : Portable RF thermage machine

Technology :Bipolar radio frequency

Treament tips:Two tip(oenf or eyes,one for face and body)

Frequency:40.68 Mhz golden frequency

Temperarure :40~60℃

Treatment area: 15mm*12mm(small one);25mm*23mm(big one)

Output :0-20J/cm

Power supplier:110-220V,50Hz/60Hz

rf face lifting machine