Eyebeier RF Beauty Equipment

RF Eye Lift Device, Combine 3 Technologies Into 1 Machine

Product Details

Newest eyebeier portable RF eye wrinkle care feature eye beauty equipment

RF Eye Lift Device, Combine 3 Technologies Into 1 Machine

eye care massage

2.000.000 Hz radio freuqency technology which is perfect for eyes lifting, 

eye  bags improvement and dark circle lightening etc.

Ultrasonic vibration massage(20,000 times per sec) helps to relax your eyes, 

relieve the tiredness and dryness

Special Roll ball design combining with rf heating, deeply import essence into eyes skin,  

so that the nutrition is fully absorbed by skin.


Massage eye video

Products name : Eyebeier eye care massage

Working mode: RF/Vibration massage/Essence import

RF frequency:2.000.000Hz

Treatment areas: Foused on eyes

Input power: Lower than 30W

Output power :Lower than 25W

Power Supply :220V/50A,110/10A

Vibration frequency:20,000 times/s

Treatment area:Focused on eyes zone

vibro eye massage machine

RF technology delivery heat into deep skin layer causing shrinkage of regeneration of collagen, 

help to smooth fine line, improve eyes bag and lighten dark circle etc.

Using high frequency vibration to massage the skin around eyes, effectively give relaxation to eyes.

eye massage roller

Functions of eyebeier radio frequency eye lift machine:

Eye wrinkles removal, Eye bags and eye circles improving.

Essence introduction into skin(better absorpyion)

Firming& tightening

Eliminate eye edema.


Eye massage instrument After teatment care

1.Please use facial or eye mask for 1-2  times in 3-7 consecutive days.

2.Please receive the treatment as suggested to promise the best result.

3.Avoid direct sun exposure for the ultraviolet ray may cause the result not as good as expected.

4.It is not suggested to put on makeup the day after the treatment and once can wear makeup the next day.

eye massage instrument

Eye massage machine Use taboos

Women in pregnancy

Those who with serious diseases

Those who with heat disease or pace maker.