Cryo Pen Hot & Cool Cryo Facial Machine

Cool Hot Energy Handle Anti-wrinkles RF Machine For Skin Lifting

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Cryo Pen Hot & Cool Cryo Facial Machine Description:

Electroporation + hot and cold treatment

  1. Inject heat energy + electroporation: receive the solution which exceed 40000Dalton, pass through the cell membrane's temporary micro-pore, directly be absorbed by skin cells.

2.Inject freezing + electroporation: by use of -10°freezing function, after skin cells absorbed, please lock up and close. By use of -10°freezing injection, cells inject essence and pulse frequency break cells principle , it brings product to add 80% utility, lift, recover and improve skin problem.



Temperature: Cool -15°, Hot 40°

Size: 280(W)*280(D)*100(H)MM

Weight: 3.6KG

Packing size:34x35x28CM

Rated Voltage: 110V-220V common use

rf machine

Method of use: you can use to go once every other day, 10-15 minutes every time. 

Suggested two or three times a week, the skin will have a significant effect.

Three features. Mainly used as "DNA cells injection course of" Korean medical beauty. 

Now in more than 700 thousand have been used RF&Cold rejuvenation  instrument, 

can use the COOL operation, at the same time inject the essence, make the skin cells to absorb the products up to 80%, the penetration ratio is more than 20 times, the instrument has 10 effects:

1. Promote lymph circulation.

2. Minus the expression lines, light bitter lines.

3. Remove the dark yellow skin and edema.

4. Remove the double chin.

5. Effectively eliminate dark circles and eye pouch. 

6. Shrink pores, promote blood circulation.

7. Anti wrinkle, enhance eyes round.

8. Activate collagen layer to promote skin cell regeneration.

9. Enhance more skin elastic, more compact.

10. Enhance facial contours, promote fat dissolution.


  1. HOT+EMS: HOT import + EMS can receive more than 40000 Dalton solution , through the temporary micro porous membrane directly absorbed by the skin cells.

2.COol+EMS: Use of - 10 ° freezing function, make the skin cells to absorb and lock and after shut down.

Note: it's best to do HOT thermal + EMS electroporation, redo frozen injection + electroporation, 

so it can make moisture into the skin nutrition is well locked and contractive pore effect.

cold machine

By injecting -10 degrees of freezing, the principle and essence to be worn out pulsation frequency cells into cells, promote products increased 80% utility, to enhance the repair and improve skin problems.

Operation instruction:

1. Connect the host with the connection lines one by one according to the diagram.

2. Put the water into the instrument

3. Turn on the power switch.

4.. Press the Tem/Set key and then rotate the multifunction key to chose temperature from -15-40 degrees. the multifunction key to start ,when the machine is working the multifunction key will flashing .

6. When the machine is working then rotate the multifunction key to set the RF EMS intensity.

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