Beauty Salon Use Beauty Instruments RF Skin Tighten Machine K37

Beauty Salon Use Beauty instruments RF Skin Tighten Machine original supplier in China,accept OEM order.

Product Details

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Beauty Salon Use Beauty instruments RF Skin Tighten Machine K37


RF Radio Frequency Skin Face Lifting Beauty Machine K37 Operation Video

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Quick Details

Type: Anti-wrinkle Machine         Certification: CE Place of         Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland) 

Model Number: K37                                                                          Feature: Skin Tightening, Wrinkle Remover 

Operation System: High Frequency                                                Language: English 

Temperature: 68℃-72℃                                                                  Treatment Deepth: 1.5-4.5 MM 

Interface: Touch Color LCD Screen                                                Wave type: Monopole Radio Frequency 

Waves Voltage: 110V, 220V, 110 - 240 V                                      Power: 220V±22V 50HZ/60HZ±1HZ 

Host:GW(kg):11.9kg /    NW(kg):9.2kg  /   Packing size:50x42x42CM.

Base:GW(kg):12kg /    NW(kg):9.4kg  /   Packing size:51x40x59CM.


Product Description

Radio Frequency energy wave come to collagen layer can effective work on collgen fibers regeneration. 

Freckles actually is hyperpigmentation, so after RF energy push collagen cells rejuvenation skin being health, 

dirty will be clean as detoxification way. So skin rejuvenation machine effective worth for wrinkle remove, 

freckles remove and skin tighten result.

Face lift machine using the inner focus type upgrade spectrum loudly patented technology reach 3-4.5 mm 

depth under skin, promote collagen rebuild and regeneration, through this way to rebuild collagen network to 

lift skin from sources.


Machine work without consumables just need to use gel to avoid temperature hurt. After treatment need to use 

a mask to keep pores minimized.During this monment everything good to effective to skin so within 24 hours

just pay attention to sun block.

Machine should fill in water each 3 month cause rf heating, it will protect machine long term use.

Radio frequency machine each treatment time stay 45 minutes, can be longer and reach better effect. 

Treatment effect could stay 30-45 days, recommend do one time treatment each 30 days.


Advantage of the Skin Tighten machine:

1. 45 minutes as one treatment, 4 treatment as a course. We recommend each 5 days to one treatment

2. One treatment show distinct facial lifting effect

3. One time treatment effect stay around 30-45 days

4. Without any hurt to human, people feel enjoy and softable.

5. Effect will be show immediately after finish treatment, make up allow after 15 minutes.

6. Allow to work with all beauty machine

7. Noninvasive lifting way.


Anti wrinkle machine specification


Operation LED touch screen

Wave typeRadio Frequency Energy Wave

Output power100 J/cm3Frequency: 0.6 M - 0.8 MHZ

Input power300 wInterface: touch color LCD screen

Power supply22 v to 220 v + 50 hz / 60 hz + 1 hz

Before and After treatment




Skin tighten and face lifting beauty machine K37 is your best choose use in beauty salon.