Mesotherapy Serum

Does hyaluronic acid serum really work? It's a humectant, which means it draws water to the skin and helps prevent moisture loss. Hyaluronic acid serum ingredients: water, hot water,butylene glycol,hydrolysis of hyaluronic acid,hyaluronic acid, soluble protein, soybean polysaccharide(GL...

Product Details

Do you want to stay young forever? Are you still worried about the wrinkles on your face? Haven't you found an effective way to improve your skin condition? You should try our magical Mesotherapy Serum!

Product Introduction

The main component of Mesotherapy Serum is marine extract. It's a powerful humectant that can be used to make skin moist and tender,crystal and bright. It can also help to weaken fine lines and lighten skin tone.Our products are specially used in premium beauty salons. They are sold well both at home and abroad.


Main Ingredients: water,butylene glycol,hydrolysis of hyaluronic acid,hyaluronic acid,soluble protein, oybean polysaccharide and so on.

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Directions for use

Each Mesotherapy serum is equipped with two syringe which connected by 2-cartridge. Peptide oligopeptide filament is a protein with a molecular chain less than 10. The main functions of hyaluronic acid serum are hydration and anti-wrinkle. It is very small and can reach cells directly without rejection or allergic reaction. Before using,please turn on the valve,then mix hyaluronic acid and peptide oligopeptide silk together and make it completely dissove.



There are 5 in each box that can be used to handle 5 customers. It can be used with other devices,such as mirco needle device,vital injector,no needle injector and etc...



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