Hyaluronic Acid Serum Kits K79

Hyaluronic acid serum kits skin care solution in one top grade beauty box,accept OEM,highly recommended use at beauty salon,spa.

Product Details

Hyaluronic acid serum kits skin care solution in one top grade beauty box.

Highly recommended use at beauty salon/spa centre,accept OEM brand.

Treatment 6 times perfect obvious effect include following items:

skin care solution


Peptide oligopeptide silk & Hyaluronic acid serumX6 pcs syringe;

Repair mask X 1 box(6pcs);

5D lifting Mask X1 box(6 pcs);

Repair EssenceX 1 bottle.

Treatment step

Peptide oligopeptide silk & Hyaluronic acid serum

Two syringe which connective by 2-cartridge,

before using turn on the valve then mix hyaluronic acid and peptide oligopeptide silk together make it completely dissove.

Peptide oligopeptide silk is one of protein which molecular chain less than 10,

it is very small could reach cells directly without exclusion or allergies.

It is marine extract and very expensive special for beauty salon and aesthetic clinic use.

hyaluronic acid serum main function hydration, anti-wrinkle.

Repair Mask

Super Super Super moisturizing,calm and repair skin, apply repair mask after use such as meso gun,

derma pen,micro pen,injector deivce,nanocrystallite etc treatment.

5D lifting mask

It is refined by a variety of botanical extracts,protein firming agents and peptides,it

can relieve repair skin promote skin circulation,improve skin firmness,fade fine lines and

brighten the complexion.In particular, tightening & lifting face.Use after repair mask.

Repair Essence

After whole treatment apply repair essence cloud effective anti-swell and repair skin hurt,

get soon moistening and calm down redness.

Above one complete kits treatment after can be collocation LED Photon therapy face shield apply



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