Beier Spot Removal Cream

Beier Spot removal cream help to removal different kinds flat warts, moles, common warts, xanthomas, syringoma etc...

Product Details

[Indications] Flat warts, moles, common warts, xanthomas, syringoma, senile plaques, corns, hemangioma, pigmented nevus, pigmented spots, skin tags, condyloma acuminatum, neurodermatitis, nodular prurigo, etc .;


Mechanism of action

1. It has the effect of coagulating necrosis of tissue protein, occludes blood vessels, shrinks the tissue, and reduces the volume;

2. It has bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effects, no drug resistance, and rarely occurs infection after years of clinical application research;

3. It can dissolve keratin and has a corrosive effect on proliferative diseased tissues;

4. It has a stimulating effect on nerve endings, dilate blood vessels, improve microcirculation, 

soften and firmen swelling, promote tissue regeneration, and accelerate healing

5, with hemostatic, itching, analgesic effects.


Treatment principle

The 1977-point mole paste directly acts on the affected area, causing the diseased tissue proteins to coagulate, vascular occlusion, tissue atrophy, volume reduction, and keratin dissolution. Elimination of proliferative lesions. Stimulate nerve endings, improve blood circulation, promote tissue regeneration, 

and accelerate wound healing. Powerful bactericidal, anti-inflammatory, fast cure


Moles symptoms

Moles (prickly heat) are congenital benign tumors composed of pigment cells. Most of them are dark brown or dark-black in color. They are benign moles. Most of them are benign, and those who have malignant changes in the later period will have a very high degree of malignancy. 

The transfer rate is also the fastest. The disease can be seen in all parts of the skin, with the neck, 

neck and back being the most common sites.


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