Beier Repair Lyophilized Powder

Effectively repairs damaged skin, repairs acne, hormone-dependent dermatitis, melasma etc.

Product Details

Beier repair lyophilized powder

Efficacy: Human epidermal growth factor, effectively repairs damaged skin, soothes sensitive skin, improves skin's fragile barrier, accelerates wound healing, improves skin immunity, promotes skin metabolism, effectively repairs acne, hormone-dependent dermatitis, melasma. 

Combined with peptide repairing hyaluronic acid stock solution roller, nanocrystals have better 

effect of introduction, and it is a gold product with anti-aging and mesodermal introduction.

This product is suitable for any skin type, without preservatives, pigments and fragrances.


Ingredients: epidermal growth factor, oligopeptide-1, mannitol, fibronectin, superoxide dismutase, etc.

Every box 6 kits (6 pcs repair lyophilized powder 50mg+6 pcs repair enzyme/10ml)


How to use: Dissolve the peptide repair lysozyme and peptide repair lyophilized powder and spray 

directly on the affected area.


Superficial skin guide and mesoderm manipulation:

Three times a month, once every ten days.

The first introduction of the peptide gold roller, and the second and third introduction with genuine nanocrystallites.

The peptide repair hyaluronic acid stock solution and the peptide repair lyophilized powder are fully dissolved, and the introduction operation is performed, and the remaining peptide repair 

lysozyme can be directly sprayed on the face.


Repairs hormone-dependent dermatitis, melasma, acne, and damaged skin.

1 Improve the skin barrier.

2 Accelerated shedding of necrotic tissue.

3 Speed up wound healing.

4 Improve skin immunity.

5 Speed up skin metabolism.


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