Beauty Salon Serum

Does derma roller serum really work? It's a humectant, which means it draws water to the skin and helps prevent moisture loss. Derma roller serum ingredients: water, hot water,butylene glycol,hydrolysis of hyaluronic acid,hyaluronic acid, soluble protein, soybean polysaccharide(GL YCINE MAX)...

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Product Information:

This Beauty Salon Serum can help to replenish essential nutrients,restore skin's elasticity and postpone skin aging. With efficient hydrating and water-lockup function,it can provide skin with moisture for a long time,leave skin smooth and hydrated. Beauty Salon Serum is widely used in beauty salons and some plastic surgery hospitals,enjoy a good reputation both at domestic and abroad.


Directions for use

Each Mesotherapy serum is equipped with two syringe which connected by 2-cartridge. Peptide oligopeptide filament is a protein with a molecular chain less than 10. The main functions of hyaluronic acid serum are hydration and anti-wrinkle. It is very small and can reach cells directly without rejection or allergic reaction. Before using,please turn on the valve,then mix hyaluronic acid and peptide oligopeptide silk together and make it completely dissove.


Treatment Before and After


Our Advantages:

This Beauty Salon Serum is produced under strict standards,has obvious effects on improving skin conditions. With many years of experience in making related products,we have professional R&D team to provide you the best products. As we have our own factory,we can provide you with a large quantity at a wholesale price. Also,we can offer you customized logo. You can rest assure that our products are of high quality and you will get our best after-sales service!

Acid peptides serum main function hydration, anti-wrinkle. often match with the micro needle pen. EMS mesogun machine etc to delivery deep into skin reach better treatment effect.

general one  kit skin care solution can use with the repair mask and 5D lifting mask together.

the effect whitening, hydrating, anti-wrinkle, firming and lifting very good and obvious 

after treatment immediately.

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Here is the step of operate.


every item each box with 5 pcs can treatment 5 person/5 times.

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