Ozone Plasma Beauty Instrument

Sterilization, anti-inflammatory, acne removal

Product Details

Ozone plasma beauty instrument

Sterilization, anti-inflammatory, acne removal


Function : Ozone, micro electricity

Remove Acne , Improve metabolism , Prevent inflammation , Removal pore’s dirt

Deep Cleaning , Sterilize and disinfect , Tightening skin , Cell Regeneration .


Bactericidal and anti-inflammatory, effectively remove the deep acne bacteria in the skin, acne marks, hemorrhoids, acne and other effects, and prevent recurrence.

Air Acne Cleansing / Tightening Skin / Completely Absorbed



Korean technology

Ultra-micro plasma and ozone technology, can be used for efficient plasma penetration and ozone sterilization, open the skin channel, deep into the skin dermis layer,  deep cleansing, firm skin and promote collagen regeneration 



Ultrafine plasma and ozone technology

Acne Removal

Inhibit bacterial inflammation and remove acne


Quickly kill bacteria and mites in skin

Tightening Skin

Balance skin, remove edema and repair scars

Fine pores

Go deep into the source and repair from the inside out



Quick sterilization

Built-in lithium battery

USB Charging 

3 Power level 


Repair acne

Efficient penetration

Principle:producing high frequency voltage to oxidize oxygen,in order to produce ozone. Achieve the effect of anti-inflammatory acne.It has the effect of inhibiting sebum secretion and preventing recurrence of acne .Accelerate skin metabolism, promote collagen regeneration, and alleviate skin aging.

Ozone plasma beauty instrument

Color:Black , White

Output:DC 5V-1A


Material: White ceramic+ABS

Battery :800mAh

Apply :Face and body 

Working hour :180 mins


Charging time :2.5 hours 

Size : 207*42*37mm

Package box : 245*120*68nm


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