Electric Micro Needle Device Cartridge

Electric Micro Needle Device Disposable Cartridge

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Electric Micro Needle Device Cartridge

Derma Pen Disposable Cartridge

Easy and also safe to use since the needle tips are hidden inside the guide. 

Needle tips are disposable. It is safe to share hand piece with other patient. 

It is economical, you just need to replace the needle tips afer every treatment.

The needle tips are inserted to your skin at a perpendicularly, pain is minnmized. 

Needle length is adjustable to different sizes denpends on the areas or the purpose 

of the teatment, so that you can apply to different areas of body.

derma pen needle


Disposable Cartridge: ,9pins,12pins,24pins,36pins,42pins,Round Nano needle,3D Nano needle,5D Nano needle.

Every 50 pcs pack in ong bag.

Needle depth: adjustable:0.25 to 2.0mm.

5 level power.gif

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