Beauty Salon Mask

Face lifting mask is the new revolutionary way to look 10 years younger by making your face slimmer, smoother and firmer without the need for any painful or expensive medical procedure! ... Suitable for round face, fat face, muscle face and mixed-shaped face. Before treatment the Face lifting...

Product Details

Product Introduction

Do you want to look younger? This Beauty Salon Mask is designed for the inhibition of melanin formation and Beauty Salon Mask can help to improve skin elasticity and prevent wrinkles. No need for  any painful surgery,you can have firmer and smoother skin by using this product. Our masks are suitable for all face types and skin types,so you don't need worry about the size and your skin condition. We have special mask for particular purpose. For different skin problems, you should use a suitable mask. Our Beauty Salon Masks are sold well all around the world,recognized by customers at home and abroad.


Main Ingredients:

Water,aloebarbadensis leaf juice powder,silk sericin,hydrolyzed sericin,titanium dioxide,butanediol 

oligopeptides,sodium hyaluronate amethyl paraben and so on.


Notice: Before using the mask, the normal EGF repair mask/acidic peptide mask should be used to enhance absorption. After treatment with mirco nano HIFU and other instruments,EGF can help the skin repair faster.

Our Advantages:

This company has been in the beauty industry for many years. It is well equipped and has a professional team to provide the most advanced technical support. We have a wide range of products to meet customer's requirements. We can supply you with a large quantity and at a competitive price. You can rest assure that our products are of high quality and you will get our best after-sales service!


Water,porphyridium cruentum extract,cocos nucifera extract,pesudopterogorgia elisabethae extract.

aloebarbadensis leaf juice powder,silk sericin,hydrolyzed sericin titanium dioxide butanediol 


biological gum-3,sodium hyaluronate,methylparaben,methylisothiazolinone.


Every box have 5 pcs can treatment 5 times

Aceept OEM logo in the box.





One kit skin solution match hyaluronic acid face mask K13+Slimming maskK14 +Acid Peptides Serum K15 the effect whitening, hydrating, anti-wrinkle, firming and lifting very good and obvious after treatment immediately.

Here is the step of operate


Have got CE certificate with safe report easy easy export to different country.

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