Ibeier Teslasculpt

High-energy focused electromagnetic wave technology So as to easily achieve the purpose of slimming shaping body.

Product Details

Muscle-building and fat-burning shaping instrument for both muscle-building and fat-burning

Ibeier Teslasculpt MAGSLIM HI-EMT Working Principle

HI-EMT uses non-invasive high-energy focused electromagnetic wave technology to stimulate the motor neurons of the body muscles through the energy output from the electromagnetic field, triggering the muscles to undergo high-frequency super-contraction. During the process of extreme super-contraction, some muscle fibers break, making Muscles can be deeply remodeled, that is, the growth of myofibrils (muscle growth) and the production of new collagen chains and muscle fibers (muscle hyperplasia), 

which strengthens the muscles and improves the lines. At the same time, the super muscle contraction consumes a lot of energy and triggers a lot of The fat is broken down to burn fat. 

So as to easily achieve the purpose of slimming and slimming.

While the muscles are super contracted, it drives the high-speed circulation of lymphatic blood, 

promotes metabolism, and improves immunity.


  Ibeier Teslasculpt HI-EMT Characteristic

1. Action point Muscle layer

2.Functional positioning:Build muscles, shape, consume energy, reduce fat, increase basal 

metabolic rate, enhance metabolism 

 3.Depth of action:Reach the 7CM subcutaneous muscle layer

4.Applicable parts:Abdomen, hips, legs, arms, waist.








Spike Wave

Stimulating the muscle intensively mainly exercise muscle to  build perfect & firm bodyline.

Triangle Wave

Stimulating lightly, relax tense and exhausted muscles, which  is aim at lymphatic system.

Trapezoid Wave

Contracting the muscles quickly, improve the volume of  circulating blood and drain off waste matter.

Step Wave

Two-Phases beating, contracting the muscles rhythmically, which  is aim at body swollen part & taking exercise.

Twin Spike Wave

Powerful penetrating of EM wave, transform the fat into  energy consumption quickly.

Spike Wave

Stimulating the muscle intensively mainly exercise muscle to  build perfect & firm bodyline.

Square Wave

Stimulating muscle contractions and conducting passive  movement,

Better for lifting, tightening and contouring to sagging skin.

Galvanic Wave

Electro Magnetic wave to penetrate into skin, 

Breaking down  the contamination in the skin

Accelerating cell updated speed 

Stimulating the  speed of fluid flow

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