Technique Robot Body Physical Therapy Machine New

2017 New Project High-tech Body Physical Therapy Machine Technique Robot Use In Beauty Salon

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Technique Robot Body Physical Therapy Machine New

一:Technique Robot Principle

Technique robot is using pulse shock magnify human brain waves, by bioelectricity to human cells into a large number of negative ions, the positive and negative ions in the body in balance, to strengthen the body's metabolism, promote blood circulation, let the human body stay away from the real state of health and disease.


二:Technique Robot Main Treatment Efficacy:

Ⅰ、Chest:Breast enhancement,remove accessory breast,,Lobular hyperplasia.

Ⅱ、Waist:Improve irregular menstruation, delay menopause, warm womb, improve lumbar muscle strain, improve sex apathy. 

Ⅲ、Buttocks:Lifting hip, Stimulate hormone secretion, enhance sexual life

Ⅳ、Head:Conditioning migraine, insomnia,Memory decline

Ⅴ、Shoulder and neck:Improve scapulohumeral periarthritis, cervical spondylosis, dredge neck, Lymphoid tissue.

Ⅵ、Leg Shaping:Improve leg muscle ligament strain, Bones and bruises, Tightly calf. 

Ⅶ、Arm Shaping:Improve arm muscle ligament strain.

Ⅷ、Abdomen Shaping:warm womb, Lifting and tightly,fat burning.


三:Technique Robot taboo crowd:

1:Heart disease and heart bypass customers, severe hypertensive patients.

2.Can not treatment during menstruation, lactation, pregnancy.

3:Epilepsy, cancer and other serious disease patients.

4:Urticaria,  lipoma and so on.


四:Technique Robot operation precautions

1:Fill out the interview table, taboo crowd can not do. Avoid operation in the head skull, throat, precordial area.

2:Before the operation should communicate with the customer to understand the principle and feelings of equipment, inform the customer in the experience will have the feeling of the whole body muscles are driven.

3:Apply evenly in the parts of the gel, liquid, oil products can not be used as a gel.

(Attention:Because most of the female body is a uterus cold body, the gel should be heated with hot water before operation)

4:Operation with a scraping plate to clean up the body of the gel, with a hot towel to clean the skin。

5:Avoid treatment half an hour after a meal or drink

6:Do not take a bath after two hours of operation.

7:Before operation pls removal of all the metal objects, to avoid the sudden conduction of metal objects and adverse reactions.

IMG_5075 (1).jpg操盘手操作说明_20170417134247.gif

五:Technique Robot parameters and operating procedures


六:Technique Robot three unique technologies

1:Soothing wave frequency technology:Using imitation of the human body handle, dredge the meridian and detoxification.

2:Efficiency wave frequency technology:Slimming

3:Proprietary frequency technology:Cell repair and balance.


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