Cavitation Slimming Machine

Deep-layer ultrasonic wave technology, by which the lymphatic glands and lymphoid organ can be dredged to fend off the cold clear dampness to improve the internal environment and eliminate fat.

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Working Principle

Cavitation slimming machine is a high-tech body slimming and shaping instrument equipped with three core technologies,including South Korean top thermoplastic technology,bipolar focused RF and multipolar,vacuum negative pressure adsorption. 

Different modes of high-speed vibration and rotational friction produce sound waves. After acoustic wave enters human body,can produce strong chain reaction to human adipose cell,produce frictional motion between adipose cell,burn quantity of heat effectively, make cellular water shrinks adipose cell. In addition, when sound waves vibrate,cells collide violently with each other,causing them to explode in a flash,reducing the number of cells that can be removed from the body through the lymphatic and detoxification systems,thus eliminating fat and making the body slimmer.

With the use of various slimming products or essential oils,can quickly penetrate into the subcutaneous tissue,make collagen tissue regeneration,repair damaged tissue and accelerate blood circulation.03


Optional Massage Heads



Technological Advantages:

The high frequency and high speed detoxification technology can effectively promote circulation and metabolism. 

The deep ultrasonic technology can dredge lymphatic glands and lymphatic organs,resist cold and humidity,improve internal environment and eliminate fat.

The diversified bipolar negative pressure technology has no damage to connective tissue,is comfortable and pain-free,and safe to use.


This Cavitation Slimming Machine can be used on diiferent parts of your body. You can use it to soften your shoulder,flatten your stomach,lift your hip and keep yourself in shape. What's more,it can help to detox the body.


  Details DIsplay

With the large LED screen,you can adjust the RF energy easily.


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