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Hyaluronic pen is a simplistic device that allows generating enough pressure to launch Hyaluron Acid mixture into human skin.

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Hyaluronic pen description:

Type:Hyaluronic Pen

Function: Blood Vessels Removal, Skin Rejuvenation, Dark Circles, Wrinkle Remover, Weight Loss, Moisturizer, Whitening, Moisturizer.

What is the Hyaluronic pen?

Water mesotherapy is to inject hyaluronic acid into skin. Hyaluronic acid contains moisture, 200-300 times as rich as one's body. So that it makes the skin smooth, soft, bright and hydrated after the injection. In order to keep the skin hydrated, ladies choose varied skin care products. Actually, 

skin care products only hydrate moisture on the cutin. So that over smearing those products 

cannot deeply provide moisture for the skin. As we know, acne, wrinkle and inelasticity 

would appear if skin lacks moisture. Water mesotherapy will solves all the problems 

by reason of lacking moisture, such as sallow skin, color spot, wrinkle... 

And it will supply moisture for dermis. Therefore water mesotherapy 

will works well on whitening, moisturizing and renewing inelasticity.

hyaluronic pen

Hyaluronic pen ampoule use to filling the liquid´╝îit is belong consumables

hyaluronic acid pen

Advantages of Hyaluronic pen:

1. Painless injection

2. Injection without needle eliminates the risk of infection from the needle

3. Does not leave scars and puncture marks of the skin tissue with a needle

4. Better and faster absorption of drugs

5. Strictly subcutaneous injection - eliminating the risk of penetration of the drug into the muscle

6. Fast, easy and safe

7. Separate and economical dosing of the drug

hyaluron pen training

Hyaluronic pen principle of operation:

Spring and piston, 

With the help of the energy of mechanical action, the spring and the special piston in the 

apparatus allow, under pressure, quickly but gently pushing the drug stream through a 

microscopic hole into the subcutaneous tissue.

Drugs are absorbed much better and faster than with the introduction of a needle, 

which was confirmed in a series of studies and tests conducted in different countries of the world.

Great solution for those prone to scarring and subcutaneous clots.

hyaluronic acid injection pen

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