OPT Beier Hair Removal Device

OPT Beier Hair Removal Device treatment Hair Removal, Acne Removal, Pigment Removal, Vascular Removal, Skin Rejuvenation...

Product Details

OPT Beier Hair Removal Instrument Function

Permanent hair removal of whole body.

Working principle

E-light hair removal is a new and effective hair removal technology: 

the filtered strong pulse light is easily absorbed by the melanin in hair and hair follicles 

and converted into heat energy. The heat can quickly heat the hair shaft and hair follicles 

when the temperature reaches 60 ° C or higher. Cause hair splitting, hair follicle degeneration, 

hair nipple destruction, hair growth cell death, and eventually the original hair is shed, 

new hair growth is delayed, thinned, faded until not growing.



The imported handles bring the latest photonic technologies from the US&Israel.

High energy,appearance is avant-garde, exquisite workmanship, convenient operation &comfort;

The handle component adopts imported sapphire crystal, lamp tube, refrigerator, long life, 

stable light output, and is not easy to burn out;


Latest silver plated twist plug-in;


Full metal steel body and skeleton, external water tank.


Technical Parameters

Spectrum :640-1200nm

Energy density :IPL 1-50 J/cm2, RF 1~25 J/cm3, OPT 1-50 J/cm2

Number of pulses :1-5

Pulse width OPT: 1~10ms

Pulse delay E light: 1~5s

Repeat period :1-5s

Spot area :10*50mm

Cooling system :Semiconductor refrigeration, closed loop forced water cooling, 

air-cooled heat exchange

Input power :AC 110V/220V 50Hz/60Hz

Instrument power :1500W

Safety Precautions

1.Before use, please check the line have connected correctly or not;

2.Before use, confirm that more than 2/3 of the purified water has been added to the water tank;

3.Regularly change cooling water every week;

4.It is strictly forbidden to treatment head shine directly to the human eye;

5.It is strictly forbidden to disassemble the handle treatment head withmachine without permission;

6.Cold gel must be added before the operation, the treatment bald head must be lightly applied to the skin, do not leave the skin during the treatment, avoid OPT burns the skin;

7.The treatment head should be placed on the optical head holder when not in use;

8.After the machine is started, wait for the water system to cycle for one minute 

before proceeding, so that the water system can be completely circulated.

9.Operators and patients must wear glasses before operation;

10.When you need to change different function options, the machine should be in 

standby state (the standby button is red), and the function option cannot be 

replaced when preparing the state;

11.If the instrument is not used for a long time, or if it needs to be used in a conversion place,

 the internal water must be drained;

12.Do not place the instrument for more than 3 hours in an environment below 0 °C. 

It has been found that water below 0 °C will appear to be 'surge' in the case of movement, 

and liquid water below 0 °C will be realized during the movement. 

There will be a rapid freeze in the middle. After the liquid water turns into solid ice, 

the volume increases rapidly, causing certain damage to components 

such as water pipes, cooling water pipes, and laser waterways.

Parts List


Operational precautions and use contraindications

Preoperative contraindications

1. Patients with a history of keloids, allergies or scars are not recommended for treatment;

2. Patients with hepatitis, syphilis and skin infection are not recommended for treatment;

3. Blood diseases and coagulation disorders, menstrual women do not recommend treatment;

4. Patients who take vasodilators and anti-arthritic drugs before surgery are not recommended for treatment;

5. The use of 13-cis retinoic acid in 6 months is not recommended for treatment;

6. Within 6 weeks, those who have used other methods (such as wax removal) 

are not recommended for treatment;

7. There is a heart disease, the device has a heart rate adjuster and the pregnant woman does not recommend treatment;

8. Those who have recently received sun exposure are not recommended for treatment;

9. Patients with open wounds are not recommended for treatment;

10. Patients with infected wounds are not recommended for treatment;

11. Patients with skin diseases and epilepsy are not recommended for treatment

Postoperative care

1. There may be transient redness and other reactions during treatment, which will disappear by itself.

2. Try to avoid sun exposure and avoid direct sunlight exposure;

3. Pay attention to the clean and dry hair removal parts, do not wear unclean or too tight clothing to ensure dry and breathable;

4. Pay attention to diet, ban smoking, do not eat spicy food, and eat more vitamin C;

5. Do not use scrub, alcohol or antiperspirant after depilation. Use warm water when bathing. 

Do not use hot water to scrub and scrub with strong heat.

6. Do not ban the sauna for a week after hair removal, do not swim in the pool or beach;

7. Do not use cosmetics and skin care products containing fruit acids and A acids after depilation;

8. Hair loss may cause slight redness, skin sensitivity and heat or itching. If you feel pain, 

use ice to relieve pain.

9. Try to avoid sun exposure and use sunscreen when going out;

10. Pay attention to the clean and dry hair removal parts, do not wear unclean or too tight clothing to ensure dry and breathable.

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