Plasma Pen Lift Ibeier Brand

plasma pen mole removal treatment very good effect!

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Plasma Pen Lift Ibeier Brand

There are so many different kinds of plasma pen sale in the market from different country made.

China,Korea,Czech Republic,Germany etc...Of course, the quality is not the same.

There have been many questions from the client,most product quality made in China so so,

that's just a small part before.As time goes by, customer demand is getting higher and higher.

Beierplasm Pen_compressed

We must develop high quality products to meet customer needs, promote different markets, 

reduce after-sales service, and improve customer satisfaction.

then,beierplasm K85 come out in the market with high quality,best the best in the plasma pen field.

Our company many distributor have promotion it in the market have famous good reputation.


Although many customers are still questioning,its made in China??such a best device ?

Here we officially affirm beierplasm K85 development by Guangzhou Ibeier Technology Co., Ltd. in 

China.We have applied for a patent and registered the ibeier brand. Professional team to development different beauty machine export to over the world.Accept OEM order.

Welcome to discuss more business.

Recent still have 3 new item in research and developing.will come out soon in the market,

will cause another beauty revolution.

jett plasma pen_compressed


Plasma Lift Pen_compressed

Plasma pen_compressed

Spot Removal Pen_compressed

Plasma Pen Lift Ibeier Brand can treatment?

• Removingscar 

• Stretch marks 

• Upper and lowereyelid 

• Eyelidlifting 

• Acnestreatment 

• Removingeye/lipswrinkles 

• Skin Regeneration Lifting Wrinkle 

• Skin sagging Improvement 

• Post surgery scars, pigmentation and sun spot 

• Removal Moles (Flat or raised) 

• Age Spots, Benign Skin 

• Keloids

K85 removal age spots

K85 removal wrikle


K85. removal wrikle

Plasma Pen Lift Ibeier Brand Needle Tip replacement.

K85 needle tip