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beierplasm K85 with 5 years warranty!

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Beierplasm Supplier

How about the beierplasm working ?

Creating plasma by applying high-frequency, high-pressure in atmosphere.

Plasma system of beierplasm is based on the atmospheric pressure plasma technology, the system combination of plasma and high frequency & voltage,the fractional tip does not affect the skin 

cell tissue but only sublimates the skin surface and contract the skin by creating small 

dot shapes around the eyelid It is effectively used in upper eyelid, lower eyelid, wri nkles, 

scar, peels, inflammation, wound healing.

Main Features Of beierplasm?

• Removingscar 

• Stretch marks 

• Upper and lowereyelid 

• Eyelidlifting 

• Acnestreatment 

• Removingeye/lipswrinkles 

• Skin Regeneration Lifting Wrinkle 

• Skin sagging Improvement 

• Post surgery scars, pigmentation and sun spot 

• Removal Moles (Flat or raised) 

• Age Spots, Benign Skin 

• Keloids

Beierplasm Warranty?

Since the date of purchase beierplasm:

Within one month have quality problem can be returned replace new one,seller pay the both side shipping cost;

Over one month within 5 years have quality problem can be returned free repair,buyer pay the both side shipping cost;

No quality problems can not be returned. 

Beierplasm can be accept OEM

Main pen and packing box can be accept your own logo customization no matter the box, pen,progarm.

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Beierplasm with 5 years warranty!