Beierplasm Plexr Plaxpot Plasm Pen

Plasma Lift Pen Looking for Exclusive Agent

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Beierplasm Plexr Plaxpot Plasm Pen

The Client Who Bought Our Beierplasm K85 Feedback.

##I tried your beierplasm machine tonight!  I like it very much.  I tried this machine on myself. 

*It does not get as hot as the cheap 20 dollar machines.

*The thicker, stronger needle seems to work much better.

*The needle did not have to be wiped off (brown carbon matter) every 2 minutes—if you don’t, they won’t have spark.

*The auto feature is so helpful.

*I like the design of the pen in my hand.  I can control it better.

I had a two hour appointment on a client last month, and I had to switch back and forth between 2 cheap machines because they got too hot and would turn off.

##We received the beierplasm pen are very happy with it,did our first patient treatment with it today.

##I really like the beierplasm machine especially on the auto programme as its quicker and easier to use on this setting.  The dots are much smaller than the other machine and at first you don't think that anything is working, however, after a minute you can then see how well it has worked and it doesn't seem so fierce on the skin.

##Very well packed, very good appearance,perfect auto mode design press one time launch button keep released power spark 25 second for treatment.

## I like it much of battery power is visible on the screen,most important add our logo in the program boot interface when turn it on.

Beierplasm K85 real plasma working ?

Certainly 100% sure yes.

Beierplasm pen is similar to the working principle of CO2 laser cosmetic machine, it uses a new generation of highly efficient power conversion material and chip control technology, 

high-frequency plasma at low temperature of the discharge to spot the pen nib contact with bad skin spots between the quasi contact state, but at the moment a few millimeters to produce up to 2000 ℃ high temperature plasma, using plasma body heat effect of carbonation bad spots on the skin, make it disappear permanently.

Plasma system of beierplasm is based on the atmospheric pressure plasma technology, the system combination of plasma and high frequency & voltage,

The fractional tip does not affect the skin cell tissue but only sublimates the skin surface and contract the skin by creating small dot shapes around the eyelid It is  effectively used in upper eyelid, lower eyelid, wri nkles, scar, peels, inflammation, wound healing.

If you browse some comments on the Internet show beierplasm K85 not a plasma working absolute wrong statement,that is completely unethical behavior from a competitor.

-------Guangzhou Ibeier Technology Co., Ltd.

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Beierplasm Plasma Lift Pen Looking for Exclusive Agent