Beierplasm Consumables Wholesale Offer

Beierplasm Consumables Wholesale Offer 100 pcs pack in one bag seal disinfection.

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Beierplasm Consumables Wholesale Offer

One unit beierplasm with 3 pcs free consumables needle,order extra needle

100 pcs pack in ong bag seal disinfection.every pcs needle individual package in one small bag seal disinfection.Confirmed safety and health.Before use please with gloves take it out be careful.

MOQ one bag,every pcs needle just for one client use disposable,change other client pls remember

replcement a new needle.

So far version 1 beierplasm just fit this kinds of copper needle make in our factory.

Please do not use any other kinds needles to prevent damage to the machine.

Later will upgrade higher version fit different size needle of our beierplasm.

Any further question pls contact our service or leave inquiry message.will be reply within 12 hours except holidays.


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