Skin Analyzer Detect 3 Different Skin Layer

Skin Analyzer Detect 3 Different Skin Layer:epidermis,dermis,UV layer

Product Details

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Skin Analyzer Detect 3 Different Skin Layer:


The first layer epidermis easy to see the skin moisture ,Oil,collagen fiber,wrinkle,skin texture;


The sencond dermis easy to see the skin pigment,sensity;


The third UV layer easy to see the skin pores;

UV layer.jpg

Skin analysis machine scope of application:

Cosmetics market promotion, brand counters, join in distribution, beauty salon, etc. Analysis of skin.


Support various versions of the system:

Including Windows Vista, Windows 7/8/10.etc.Can be use in computer or laptop or tablet.


Skin analyzer hardware specifications

Imaging system: 

adopting the Micron (American Micron) 1/3.25 of an inch CMOS sensor, as high as 5 million pixels,

high color reproduction, high sensitivity, high image resolution, image is gorgeous, image quality is exquisite,

 the administrative levels;

Processing system: 

collocation Sonix loose hands (Taiwan), DSP processors, automatic white balance, saturation, 

contrast, and processing of image more perfect;

Maximum resolution: through software extension of up to 2560 * 1920 (5 million pixels), 

the best imaging resolution of 1024 * 768800 * 600;

Magnification: 50 times;

Working temperature: 10 to 40 ℃;

Work humidity: less than 80%;

Power: USB 5 v.

Interface: USB 2.0 interface, without driver, plug and play.


skin analysis form.jpg

Skin analyzer after capture the 6 picture of facial then analysis auto come out the 

8 report +1 comprehensive report

Compositive report.jpg

Skin observed system language version option:Spanish,English,Chinese,Malaysia.

Skin analyer machine color option:Red,Gold,White.

Skin Detector Operation Demo Video

skin analyzer video.jpg

skin analysis application.jpg

skin analysis tool.jpg