Professional Skin Analyzer For Facial Skin Test Machine

Facial portable skin analyzer machine in English version

Product Details

Professional skin analyzer for facial skin test machine

Skin analyzer machine detailed instructions:



The main parameters of facial skin analyzer

* South Korean imports of 5 million pixels high resolution CCD sensor

* South Korean imports of professional digital high-definition image processing chips

* Lens using LED full spectrum natural light and composition coated lenses

* The lamp switch freely around (electronic control LED cold light source)

* Automatic white balance, automatic filling light, color temperature filter

* A single bond micro control, digital frame function

* The analyscer, after image can be compared

* Original 3 d images (negative) function. Allows you to easily see film negative effect

* accurately and quickly show the status of the (skin)

* Maximum image resolution: 2560 * 1920

* Support 1 x, 30 x iris, 50 x skin and hair 200 x lens

* The operation is simple and quick

* Compatible systems: Windows xp, 2000, 2003, vista, Windows 7



Portable skin analyzer areas of application:

1, Cosmetics distributor

2, Cosmetics stores and counters

3, Cosmetics manufacturers and research institutes

4, Beauty care center

5, Hairdressing and health guidance

6, Nutritional guidance counselor

7, Medicine dietary fang

8, Personal health management


Skin analysis machine functions overview:

1, By shooting a picture facial skin, instantly analyze customer data, 

  such as detection of elasticity, system analysis is completed, 

  will pop up "skin elasticity 45%", and concludes that "poor skin elasticity. 

2, After the analysis of the data and results, instant pop-up "formation" and "improvement advice" dialog box, 

  at the same time automatic matching and recommend the relevant product or physical therapy to improve elasticity.

3, After the implementation of the product or use physical therapy, then, 

  you can see the change of the test data and results,

  for example, the result becomes "skin elasticity of 51%", test results may become "normal skin elasticity.

4, After all the project analysis, can generate the skin analysis report, 

  report with all the test items of testing data and   results, and automatically recommend the 

  product or physical therapy, and can save or print the report.

5, Instant production customer's 3 d figure, skin can clearly distinguish the skin coarse degree.

6, Detector with polarized light function, can detect the skin is more dark pigment spots, etc.

7, The system has powerful member management, new, save, edit, delete the customer information, 

  and save the customer's every inspection records, etc.

8, Can carry out data backup and restore, avoid computer crashed lost data.

9, Can be edited by the background to change into the hospital LOGO, name of input products or physical therapy, etc.


Full automatic intelligent skin analysis system, 5 million hd skin tester, the results of the analysis more accurate!

True digital automatic analysis:Powerful functions, including oil, moisture and pigment, elastic, collagen fibers, 

the skin pore, skin age.


High accuracy:Can increase the guest products randomly in the background, Skin care products curative effect, 

composition, function can be input into computer,After completion of analysis can print complete analysis report.

This device interface aesthetics, practical function fully.Its eight analysis module can accurately analyze the skin oil, moisture, splash, pores, skin age (also known as the elasticity of your skin) changes in the situation Even more amazing 

is that all skin images can use real 3 d reduction technology attaches great importance to the stereoscopic 

3d image of skin, the skin smooth performance is very intuitive, and can be arbitrary Angle analysis of the observation, 

comprehensive report with pictures and all the test results with pictures, all skinThe results of the digital 

percentage are presented to the customer, let the customer clear understanding of skin detection analysis 

results and real situation. System can be detected according to the results of the automatic matching the corresponding products,at the same time you can also set the promotion of new products in the background.


Test items: oil, moisture, pigment, elastic, collagen fibers, the skin skin age.



Skin analysis standard accessories:

The handle X1

The host base X1

50XP skin X1 

Lens analysis software CD X1

Use manual X1

Skin contrast figure X1

Portable aluminum box X1

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