Malaysia Version Skin Detector For Analysis Facial Pores

Malaysia Skin Detector For Analysis Facial Pores: Can save print out the analysis report,original manufacturers In China.

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Beauty Health has gradually been acknowledged as one of the leading China malaysia version skin detector for analysis facial pores manufacturers and suppliers. We employed qualified and experienced workers working for our factory. Thinking of your request, customized service is available. Come and wholesale our bulk malaysia version skin detector for analysis facial pores in stock.

Malaysia Version Skin Detector For Analysis Facial Pores


What's the difference comparing traditional skin analyzer

Traditional skin analyzer software have to work with USB security code, sometimes users easy to miss it 

and machine not work any more. Cause software easy to broke do not compatible enough so do not do 

any adjustment in past few years still use Version 1.0.0, only compatible with Wiin7

Our new skin analyzer using CCD chip ensure high resolution, at the same time inset USB key so that 

customers never worried about the software problem, also we will offer free software upgrade regularly. 

We develop machine and software all by our own engineer, compatible with all windowns system start 

with Version 2.0.0 each 3 month do one time upgrade, all this offer to customers who bought from us.


Skin analyzer machine for beauty salon use

Before pursuade customers accept beauty treatment can do a skin anaysis and let them know currently 

skin situation. No matter if this customers made decision, after detecting machine will keep customers infomration, even after one year later can trace this customers and know what is the problem she concern and what is your suggestion one year agao.


Skin Pictures Analysis Scope System, USB Computer Skin Analyzer Machine

Skin scope connect with computer use can compatible with all windows system, 

also it support windows system on tablet. 

Machine allow cosmetic distributors add their products recommendation, this advise will be display 

with report together can be seen by customers.

It give single report including skin moisture, acne, pigment, wrinkle, collagen fiber, pores, 

skin texture and sensitivity. Besides it will give comprehensive report list all skin problem, 

can be saved and printed

Skin analysis machine with three group lights scanning skin epidermis, 

skin dermis and UV light scanning different level and give details report.

skin analysis app.jpg

Facial skin analyzer 8 report including:



Skin texture

Collagen fiber





Comprehensive Report

Touch Skin Analyzer Operation Demo Video

skin analyzer video.jpg

skin analysis app.jpg

Skin Analyzer Machine Warranty and after-sales guarantee

Offer one year warranty, any software problem leave message on our website of contact salesmen, 

we will solve it within  24 hours. After software services will be free. 

Skin analyzer.jpg

skin scope analyzer.jpg

Skin Observed System OEM issue

Basic on MOQ 200pcs we accept OEM, language, software, logo, color can be changed.