Trainer with Perineometer for Vagina Massage

Perineometer can detect vaginal contraction force and duration.

Product Details

Trainer with Perineometer for Vagina Massage

Quick Details

Place of Origin: South Korea

Brand Name: Perineometer

Production standard: YZB/ROK5878-2013


Rated power: 0.4W

Host weight:150+5g

Air duct length:700mm

Packaging Details: Full Package for Each Unit

Delivery Detail: with 2 working days after payment confirmed.

Trainer with Perineometer for Vagina Massage Wich Make In Korea In High Quality.


Product selling point: No only detect but also used for rehabilitation exercise;

1, can detect vaginal contraction force and duration.

2, Instruments bring accord with human body regular exercise program automatically,

Guide the kegel exercises the whole process.


Product use:

South Korea imported * Perineometer can be used to determine the spontaneous vaginal muscles around the pressure, to provide biofeedback muscle strengthening exercise function, urinary incontinence, diagnosis and treatment for pelvic floor dysfunction, assist with postpartum rehabilitation exercise!


The instrument has a dual function: diagnosis, treatment:

1, the diagnostic function: can measure the pressure of pelvic floor muscles, measure the duration of pelvic floor muscle contraction, provide digital decision-making basis for surgery, progress in digital reference for exercise. There are disposable probe, charge

2, treatment function: stress urinary incontinence, postpartum rehabilitation exercise, pelvic floor syndrome, disease of vaginal relaxation are available to treat!


Product description

Pelvic floor disorders digital measuring tool!!!!

Urinary incontinence, the ideal treatment of vagina relaxation!!

The most effective way to postpartum rehabilitation exercise!!!!!

The products have been granted the FDA, the European Union CE, Korea KFDA said, the Chinese SFDA certification, to domestic patent certificate and medical device registration certificate is helping to solve global female pelvic floor disorders.


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