CE Approved Vibrance Perineometer

Perineometer urinary incontinence, the ideal treatment of vagina relaxation!

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CE Approved Vibrance Perineometer

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Properties:Other, E-Cigarette

Place of Origin:South Korea

Brand Name:Perineometer

Production standard: YZB/ROK5878-2013


Rated power: 0.4W

Host weight:150+5g

Air duct length:700mm

Packaging Details:Full Package for Each Unit

Delivery Detail: with 2 working days after payment confirmed.


***  Effect 1 - Vaginal Relaxation  ***

- Vaginal relaxation syndrome is due to child birth, frequent intercourse, aging and obesity.

- It reduces sexual desire, and fail to reach orgasm so that it cause unpleasant sexual

relationship with the partner.

- Women lose confidence and interest about sexual intercourse, and worry her partner

may seek for another woman. The stronger vaginal tightening has better sexual relationship

with the partner.


*** Effect 2 - Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI)  ***

- SUI causes serious disorders in social and interpersonal relations due to a sense ofshame and embarrassment as well as unhygienic appearance of dermal contaminationand bad smell.

- Some women with Urinary Incontinence develops severe depression of self-destruction,

which makes herself and her neighborhood suffer from emotional pain, and feel marked

deterioration in her quality of life (QOL).

- exerts accurate and excellent function in examining and curing SUI.

- There are about 2,000,000 (2 Million) women in the world suffering from SUI.

- The etiological cause of SUI is not always due to aging. One thirds of women patients

develop SUI before age of 35 years old.


*** Effect 3 - Sexual Dysfunction  ***

- There are about 43% of women suffer from certain type of Sexual Dysfunction.

- It is an innovative multi-functional consumer medical device for Sexual Dysfuctional

Treatment by effectively strengthening women's pelvic / vaginal / perineal muscles so that

sexual satisfaction with orgasm is achieved without dysphoria.


Perineometer is an Innovative personal medical device for women to relief of

Stress Incontinence & Sexual Dysfunction

- Gold Medal and Special Awards:

36th International Exhibition of Inventions, New Technology & Products, Geneva, 2008.

- This product is a result of joint R&D of Apimeds, USA and Women's Urology Research 

Institute, USA.

- Certificates:  KFDA, KGMP, CE Marks, ISO 9001:2000, ISO 13485:2003, UKAS, US FSA, 510K

- Global Innovation of 3 Way - 4 Channel System.

1 Way - Inspection / Measurement  (Self - Examining / Measurement)

1) Measurement of Vaginal Muscle Tension

2) Measurement of Vaginal Resistance Pressure

3) Measurement of Squeezing / Resting Pressure

4) Measurement of Squeezing Duration Time

2 Way -  Training  (Self - Training / Kegel Exercise)

1) Exerciser Feedback - Probe

2) Light Sense Feedback - LCD Display

3) Acoustic Feedback - Sound Output / Headphone

4) Sensory Feedback - Vibration Probe

3 Way -  Therapy  (Self - Therapy / Treatment)

1) Vaginal Relaxation Therapy

2) Stress Incontinence Therapy

3) Sexual Dysfunction Therapy

4) Stress (Music) Therapy

***  Advantages  ***

-  Simple to Use

-  Safe

-  Highly Effective

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